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Work place accidents and dangerous jobs aren’t only limited to new programming on the Discovery channel. The truth is workplace accidents can affect all Americans, especially those jobs involving manual labor or machinery. Injuries on the work site can be devastating for the individual and their family. And whether you are a union, or non-union worker, you should be aware of your rights after an injury on the work site. recently released statistics reporting that approximately 28 percent of Americans have been injured on the work site. Here is a breakdown of what injuries are most common in today’s workplace:

(Of 1.18 million workers)

507,400 – Workers each year suffer death due to car accidents

335,460 – Workers each year suffer injuries by coming in contact with an object on the work site

284,910 – Workers each year suffer injuries by over exerting themselves

(Provided by the Buereau of Labor Statistics)

You must protect yourself and your legal rights after an injury in the work place. If you were injured due to the action or inaction of an employer, such as a general contractor, you have a right to take legal action to remedy your situation.

You have a right to work in a safe work environment, in one that meets all safety standards. If you are injured on the job site you may be eligible for workers compensation. If you are injured due to unsafe work environments or employer negligence, however, then you have the right to sue your employer. Employers are liable to all those injured due to unsafe work environments or negligence on their behalf.

If you are injured at work, do not allow your employer to make you feel as though the blame rests solely upon your shoulders, or allow yourself to be disregarded or disrespected after you gave 100 percent at work. After a work place injury, make sure to contact an attorney that has experience in labor law issues. An experienced labor law attorney will provide the representation you need to aid your recovery after your injury.

As always, stay informed, and stay safe.

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